What do I need to bring?

Please bring your valid, open drivers licence along with your Visa or MasterCard. Even if you intend to pay with cash we will require a Visa or MasterCard to be entered into our secure credit card vault. All credit card details entered into the vault are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time, for… Continue reading What do I need to bring?

Do I have to pay upfront when I book?

No! We will not charge anything at the time of booking. We will request your Visa or MasterCard details for online bookings but we will not process the payment right away. All transactions are done when you arrive to pick-up the truck.

Can I return the hire vehicle after-hours?

Yes, absolutely! We have a key-shoot for after-hours returns. This means you can return the hire vehicle anytime before the allocated return time, when it’s convenient for you. If you require an after-hours return, please let us know and we will show you the return procedure at the time of pick-up.

Is there a km allowance?

Mobility Vans – Standard kilometer allowance of 100kms per day is FREE with your vehicle hire. Extra mileage will be charged at only $0.32 per km. Cars – Standard kilometer allowance of 250kms per day is FREE with your vehicle hire. Extra mileage will be charged at only $0.32 per km.

Is there a bond/deposit?

Yes, we do charge a bond/deposit of $300 per vehicle – This amount is refundable. Any extra charges, such as extra mileage and tolls can be taken from the deposit. The remaining balance will be refunded to you as soon as possible. Once the refund has been processed it should only take 1-3 business days… Continue reading Is there a bond/deposit?

Are there any hidden costs?

We will only charge you for the daily hire charge, the optional insurance excess reduction & extra mileage charges. Remember you will have to pay for the fuel you use and any tolls you may go through.

How do I pay for using Toll roads?

All of our vehicles are connected to our Linkt account that covers all roads in Australia that have tolls. All you have to do is let us know, and then you can pay us.

Is there an extra charge for having more than 1 nominated driver?

There is a flat rate fee of $20 for adding an additional driver. We require all drivers information and licence details. There is a limit of 2 authorised drivers per booking.

How does the insurance work?

All of our vehicles are covered by insurance. Standard insurance is already included in the daily rate. We also offer excess reduction for a small daily fee. Please keep in mind that any overhead damage, under body damage and water damage is not covered by insurance.

How is fuel charged?

You will only pay for the fuel you use. On pickup, the vehicle will be full of fuel and you will be required to re-fill the fuel on return. If the hire vehicle is returned without re-filling the fuel, you will be charged the amount it costs to refill the vehicle, plus a $10 admin… Continue reading How is fuel charged?

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